April 7th, 2018
Harbour Station
Saint John, NB

April 13th, 2019
Harbour Station, Saint John, NB

Host A Booth

Booths at the Amazeatorium are focused on kids and their families. Each year, our visitors look forward to trying hands-on activities and learning about local programs  at approximately 75 “PLAYFUL” booths hosted by our community partners.

At the Amazeatorium, we understand that:

  • Play is a mindset, not a specific set of behaviors or activities. Anyone can be playful at any time.
  • Play is something that people choose to do- it can’t be forced.
  • Play is imaginative- its uniqueness is that it is separated from “real life” or “serious” activity.
  • Play happens when children’s minds are active and alert and not experiencing stress. Play has to be fun.
  • The positive experience of play leads to deep, meaningful learning.

The Amazeatorium team is looking for partners to provide interactive exhibits for the event that will help preschool, elementary or middle school-aged children learn through play. Activities can be based on the day-to-day fundamentals, routines or functions of any business or project, but should provide children with relevant educational content and exposure to the event’s focus on learning through playful exploration.

If your organization would like to participate as a learning activity booth host, please download and fill out the form below.

AMAZEatorium 2019 Booth Registration Form