APRIL 13TH, 2019
Harbour Station
Saint John, NB

April 13th, 2019
Harbour Station, Saint John, NB

Show Us the Awesome: Donate a Ticket Bundle


The support of local businesses and individuals makes the Amazeatorium possible.  Here in "Saint Awesome," hundreds of tickets are donated to schools and other organizations each year.

Greg and Angela of Keith Wealth Management kicked off our 2019 Amazeatorium Ticket Bundle campaign by donating 250 tickets so that EVERY child at a local Saint John school can have an amazing day of learning through play! We're inviting individuals and businesses to follow his lead. Bundles can be large or small but every donation helps ensure that all families can attend this incredibly special day.

Download the order form below or call us to make your donation and join the Show us the Awesome club!

Call Julie at 847-3038

AMAZE 2019 ticket bundles